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Tailored to your unique body, mind and soul's needs.

Hailing from ancient India, your journey with Āyurveda *always* starts with an exploration of your unique ​mind-body type, also referred to as Dosha. Based on that self-knowledge, I am delighted to share time-​tested (for no less than 5000 years) intuitive yet tangible methods with you to stay at the pulse of your ​energetic balance, so you can live your life in flux with the divine health that was so beautifully weaved ​into your DNA.

Expect self-care, nutrition, herbal remedies, bodywork techniques, and a healthy dose of ritual

to upgrade your day-to-day.

Ayurveda Goddess Lifestyle Consultation

Ayurveda Goddess Sessions are designed to gradually reset ​your body’s energy levels, working with the 5 elements and ​Earth’s rhythm. You will learn how to decode your body’s subtle ​messages and answer them accordingly with self-care that is ​designed to mother you, whilst fitting within pre-existing day-​to-day dynamics.

I help others optimise their:

Hormonal Balance

Womb Health

Gut Health

Sleep Hygiene

Increased productivity

Self-Esteem & Connection to the Self

Energy flow and alignment with their wishes & needs

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What you'll get:

"An Adaptogenic Lifestyle"

Rhythm over Routine. In the Ayurveda Goddess ​Sessions, we will co-create a lifestyle that centres Self-​care and Productivity (Sun and Moon) around:

  1. Your Mind-Body Type
  2. Womb Cycle & Moon Cycle
  3. The Circadian Rhythm

Why is this important? For your life to be in flux, it's ​important to recognise that humans are cyclic beings. ​Our home, planet Earth, goes through 4 to 6 seasons ​a year. Our Moon goes through 13 cycles, and people ​with a natural cycle go through about 8 up to 17 ​menstrual cycles per annum.

And then there are the cycles that happen within one ​day, too. On Earth, as well as in your body!

Your body heat (fire element) and overall energy will ​naturally fluctuate depending on where you are in any ​of these cycles. Hence, you need different things (i.e.: ​a herb, food, a thought, a breathing exercise) at ​different times.

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Your Mind-Body Type (DOSHA)

A tongue-, pulse-, marma ​assessment and body reading ​help discover your current Mind-​Body Type and imbalance(s).

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Womb Cycle & Moon Cycle

Every Moon & Menstrual Cycle, ​your body's Fire Element, body ​heat, fluctuates. This influencing ​your emotional landscape and ​nervous system.

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The Circadian Rhythm, or ​Ayurvedic Body Clock

As the day goes by, your energy ​will naturally fluctuate whilst ​your body works through a ​sequence of processes.

What to expect from my guidance?

A playful, 100% personalised, holistic protocol that consists of herbal medicine, self-care rituals, ​nutrition idea's for you and your family, breath work, meditation and a bodywork prescription to ​reset your nervous system. Everything is always tailored to your Dosha (Mind-Body Type) and ​family dynamics (as much as I love the ideal, things only function when we keep a healthy ​relationship with reality, too).

To make the most out of your guidance, I offer a Complete Journey, Ayurveda Goddess ​Practice Bundle, that gives you the assessment, follow-up and on-demand guidance at £200. ​It also comes with the GIFT of a ceremonial grade, personalised Herbal Blend, handmade by ​me ღ.

Not ready to change your lifestyle? Ayurveda's Herbal Blends are your friends.

Ayurveda's herbal formulas are the bridge between how you want to feel and your ​current reality. Until you're ready to take out the root of your physical or emotional ​discomfort inside-out, botanicals can adapt the way your energy flows outside-in. ​Each formula has one to two *star* plants + 1 ingredient to help them get through your ​digestive tract + a herb that carries their energetics deeply into your body. I personally ​craft and prepare your formula with intention and ritual, using tried & tested sustainable ​and ethical resources.

About Me

Deborah Rose, Ayurvedic Vaidya, ​Herbali​s​t, Doula, and Model.

I am a mother​ and Ayurvedic Women's Health Guide with a BI​G passion for holistic Pregnancy and p​ostpartum well-being. The Self Healing Arts o​f Ayurveda are central to my work, wh​ich helps me guide you to your greatest ​inner wisdom ​a​nd strength as​ a womban.

Any questions?debor​a​hrose@itsmotherearth.com

For Ayurvedic Self-Care for mothers and their ​young, visit Ayurveda Mamma

To schedule a treatment or guidance, and other 1-​on-1's, visit It's Mother Earth

To say hi or send me an inquiry, please e-mail me ​at deborahrose@itsmotherearth.com

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