Unapologetic Self-Care for Mamma

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unapologetic self-care for you and your family

Turn parenting into a sacred ritual with the time-tested, holistic wisdom of Āyurveda. Hailing from ancient India, Āyurveda is drenched with practical selfcare techniques to awaken the instinctual trust and love you need for parenthood, starting with pregnancy, birth and postnatal healing.

Expect selfcare, nutrition, herbal remedies, bodywork techniques and a healthy dose of ritual

to upgrade your day-to-day.

P.S.: not a parent but interested in Ayurveda for Women's Health? I poured years of study, a decade of experience and hours of love into these sessions, just for you.

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hi res grunge textures and backgrounds

Looking for a simple, as down-to-earth as possible, solution?

Ayurveda Mamma's Herbal Pantry

For yourself and your kids. Keep it simple by adding holistic herbal blends to your pantry to help prevent recurring aches and pains, or to increase the energy, focus and bliss within your household. I will personally formulate and prepare your tailored medicine bottle(s). However, DIY lovers can choose to make their own.

60 minutes for a family intake,

Optional: 20- or 30-minute follow-up call(s).

1 Medine Jar is included, filled with a tailored blend.

Ayurveda Mamma's Lifestyle Consultation

Can we raise a generation that navigates through life from their hearts? Can we help our young to love and nurture their body? Teach them how to understand and fulfil their needs? Can we raise them to be resourceful as they fulfil these needs? To stay centred, true to themselves and respectful of mother Earth in the process?

The answer is YES. It's been the only way to live for centuries, and the wise women and men before us have done a pretty good job at documenting it.

Hailing from ancient India, Āyurveda is drenched with practical selfcare techniques to awaken the instinctual trust and love you need to raise your young.

These are your takeaways from a session:

Body reading and massage techniques that you can safely apply to yourself and loved ones.

Cooking for the various mind-body types in your family

Tools for optimal Gut Health

Herbal remedies

How to replace routine with rhythm to improve sleep, digestion, creativity and productivity

Breathwork and family-friendly meditation techniques

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What to expect from my guidance?

A playful, 100% personalised, holistic protocol that consists of herbal medicine, self-care rituals and nutrition idea's for you and your family along with breath work, family-friendly meditation techniques and the gift of one medicine jar filled with a herbal blend to work on a concern of choice (i.e.: nervous system reset).

Everything is always tailored to your Dosha (Mind-Body Type) and family dynamics - because, as much as I love the ideal, this protocol will only function when we keep a healthy relationship with reality, too.

This session is for the mamma, pappa, or together as a couple. Because you are your family's engine, your children's greatest inspiration and their guide, a grounding, loving and holistic home (and lifestyle alike) starts with you. Besides, I emphasise *a lot* on luscious self-care techniques, because the saying "You can't pour from an empty cup" has earned its cliche status by being true.

Side note: you can start looking forward to being the living example in your home of how blocking off time for self-care actually gives you more time (and inspire your kids along the way).

P.S.: Loving all of this, but planning to focus just on you? Try this offering instead.


Play, Rest & Digest:

Kids Consultation

This session helps you understand your child's Mind-Body Type (Dosha) and gives you tangible care idea's to weave into your child's lifestyle.

After an Āyurvedic Mind-Body Assessment, you will receive a personalised guide. Existing clients are eligible for 20-minute or 30-minute follow-ups.

45 minutes, £89


Prenatal Ayurveda

From Conception through Birth, Ayurveda is here to support you with holistic recipes, movements, journal practices, rituals and bodywork. Every step of the way. My sessions are designed to deliver these to you when you most need them, 1 step at a time.

My aim is to support you with all the good things Earth has to offer, as to bring you Bliss and as much Balance as humanly possible throughout your prenatal journey.

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About Me

Deborah Rose, Model and Advocate for Holistic Health & Natural Parenting.

I am a mother and Ayurvedic Women's Health Guide with a BIG passion for holistic Pregnancy & Postpartum wellbeing. The Self Healing Arts of Ayurveda are central in my work, which helps me guide you to your greatest inner wisdom and strength as a womban.

Any questions?deborahrose@itsmotherearth.com

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