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The Gift of Ayurveda

Tailored to your Unique Body, Mind and Soul's Needs.

Ayurveda’s *luscious* ancient wisdom is rooted in the Vedic Tradition. Based on the idea that one’s medicine can be someone else’s poison, Ayurveda shares intuitive yet tangible methods to stay at the pulse of your energetic balance, so you can live your life in flux with the divine health that was so beautifully weaved into your DNA.

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I poured my life's experience, love and years of study into tangible Sessions & Journeys you can Smell, Taste, See and Feel. My wish is that these will support you with Hormonal Balance and remind you of your Divinity in your everyday life.

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Lifestyle Consultation: "Ayurveda Goddess"

Ayurveda Goddess Sessions are designed to gradually reset your body’s energy levels, working with the 5 elements and Earth’s rhythm. You will learn how to decode your body’s subtle messages and answer them accordingly with self-care that is designed to mother you, whilst fitting within pre-existing family dynamics.

I help others optimise their:

Hormonal Balance

Womb Health

Gut Health

Sleep Hygiene

Increased productivity

Self-Esteem & Connection to the Self

Energy flow and alignment with their wishes & needs

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What you'll get:

"An Adaptogenic Lifestyle"

Rhythm over Routine. In the Ayurveda Goddess Sessions, we will co-create a lifestyle that centres Self-care and Productivity (Sun and Moon) around:

  1. Your Mind-Body Type
  2. Womb Cycle & Moon Cycle
  3. The Circadian Rhythm

Why is this important? For your life to be in flux, it's important to recognise that humans are cyclic beings. Our home, planet Earth, goes through 4 to 6 seasons a year. Our Moon goes through 13 cycles, and people with a natural cycle go through about 8 up to 17 menstrual cycles per annum.

And then there are the cycles that happen within one day, too. On Earth, as well as in your body!

Your body heat (fire element) and overall energy will naturally fluctuate depending on where you are in any of these cycles. Hence, you need different things (i.e.: a herb, food, a thought, a breathing exercise) at different times.

Your Mind-Body Type (DOSHA)

A tongue-, pulse-, marma assessment and body reading help discover your current Mind-Body Type and imbalance(s).

Womb Cycle & Moon Cycle

Every Moon & Menstrual Cycle, your body's Fire Element, body heat, fluctuates. This influencing your emotional landscape and nervous system.

The Circadian Rhythm, or Ayurvedic Body Clock

As the day goes by, your energy will naturally fluctuate whilst your body works through a sequence of processes.

What to expect from my guidance?

A playful, 100% personalised, holistic protocol that consists of herbal medicine, self-care rituals, nutrition idea's for you and your family, breath work, meditation and a bodywork prescription to reset your nervous system. Everything is always tailored to your Dosha (Mind-Body Type) and family dynamics (as much as I love the ideal, things only function when we keep a healthy relationship with reality, too).

To make the most out of your guidance, I offer a Complete Journey, Ayurveda Goddess Practice Bundle, that gives you the assessment, follow-up and on-demand guidance at £169 (value: £217). It also comes with the GIFT of a ceremonial grade, personalised Herbal Blend, handmade by me ღ.

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Book as standalone sessions or receive the full journey + a gift with a bundle

Ayurveda Goddess Practice

Single Sessions


Mind-Body Reading

Assessment Ceremony including Ayurvedic Questioning, Tongue-, Marma- and Pulse Reading. Virtual or in-person, 50 minutes



I will walk you through your new Protocol with lots of space for Q&A. You will get access to your virtual dashboard with notes and more. Virtual, 30 minutes


On-Demand Guidance

Ask questions, get updates and practice together.

Virtual, 20 minutes


Not ready to change your lifestyle? Ayurveda's Herbal Blends are your friends.

Ayurveda's herbal formulas are the bridge between how you want to feel and your current reality. Until you're ready to take out the root of your physical or emotional discomfort inside-out, botanicals can adapt the way your energy flows outside-in. Each formula has one to two *star* plants + 1 ingredient to help them get through your digestive tract + a herb that carries their energetics deeply into your body. I personally craft and prepare your formula with intention and ritual, using tried & tested sustainable and ethical resources.

Get Your Herbs

"Each blend is ceremonially prepared with ethically sourced ingredients."

ღ GENERIC: following a brief Ayurvedic Assessment I will create a herbal profile including spices, teas, oils and aromatherapy. You will also walk out with your very own Ceremonial Grade Herbal Blend, either by Dosha; or Karmically inspired (Jyotish Birthchart).

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ღ YONI & WOMB: Includes a herbal protocol to optimise your Reproductive Tract. Because the Womb and the Subconsciousness are closely related, you will also receive a personalised ritual inspired by the work of Mother Maya Tiwari.

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Prenatal Ayurveda

From Conception through Birth, Ayurveda is here to support you with holistic recipes, movements, journal practices, rituals and bodywork. Every step of the way. My sessions are designed to deliver these to you when you most need them, 1 step at a time.

My aim is to support you with all the good things Earth has to offer, as to bring you Bliss and as much Balance as humanly possible throughout your prenatal journey.

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Prenatal Favourites


Prenatal Bliss˚ Holistic Pregnancy Guidance

Birthing with Ayurveda˚ Personalised Birth Course 1on1 guidance + library access

11 Moons: Ayurvedic Pre- and Postnatal Journey Subscription

Free Introductory

Are you pulled towards Ayurveda, but not really sure where to start?

There is so much out there, traditions may vary, and you haven't even met me yet! It would be an honour for me to hear you out, and to explore together how Ayurveda can be of service to you.

P.S.: I also have a weekly publication that delivers Ayurvedic Self-Care practices on Fridays and prenatal and postpartum inspiration on Sundays. I would love to see you there!

About Me

Deborah Rose, Model and Advocate for Holistic Health & Natural Parenting.

I am a mother and Ayurvedic Women's Health Guide with a BIG passion for holistic Pregnancy & Postpartum wellbeing. The Self Healing Arts of Ayurveda are central in my work, which helps me guide you to your greatest inner wisdom and strength as a womban.

Any questions?deborahrose@itsmotherearth.com

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To schedule a treatment or guidance, and other 1-on-1's, visit It's Mother Earth

To say hi or send me an inquiry, please e-mail me at deborahrose@itsmotherearth.com

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