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Welcome Earth's Side, Baby

Ancient Wisdom for the Ancient Process of Birthing Life

Get your birth preparation course tailored to your unique mind-body type and birthing situation. Ayurveda doesn't apply 1 route for all when it comes to Birth Preparation, but instead, looks at your overall wellbeing levels, constitution and individual prenatal journey. After an assessment, we will cover various tools, DIY Bodywork Techniques, nutritional guidelines and self-care idea's to seal the sacred trust between you, your body and your baby. You've got this, mamma.

Third Trimester

The Modules

I poured my own experience, love and years of study into heartfelt, luscious "nuggets" of holistic self-care to bring you as much health, bliss & balance as wombally possible throughout the:

The importance of the Third Trimester

First Installment | Private Session, virtual or in-person, 45 minutes + 30-minute follow-up

Some of you may know that my greatest passion is to work with mothers in the first 6 weeks to 2 years in their new baby's life. As an Ayurvedic Doula, my job starts, well, even before pregnancy if possible! But, if you found me much later, the importance of Ayurveda's Self-Care protocols with regards to birthing new life comes in around week 32. The Veda's have a lot to say about the influence of mama's wellbeing during the last trimester on the birth process as well as on how well she will heal (physically and mentally) after birth.

Your course starts with a 1on1 in your last Trimester, where you will receive an Ayurvedic Mind-Body reading. Based on my findings together with your wishes & needs, I will then prepare a personalised protocol for you that targets self-care idea's from the moment you start your course until the 6th week after birth. This includes:

Herbal Medicine and Tea's

Meditation, Journaling and Ritual

DIY Body Work to prepare the Birth Body (and increase comfort and that very fluid last trimester)

The Birth Portal

Second Installment | 3 x 30-minute recordings + 1 Birth Yoga Nidra Recording

Gift: 1 x 15-minute Call and 1 Bonus Recording if you go beyond Due Date

Trust in the body. That's all there is. Now I could finish this part of the course with those words, if only we weren't conditioned to think that active labour belongs in the hands of medical caregivers. In 2020, only 2.4% of births in the U.K. took place at home. Meaning that the other 97.6% happened in a controlled environment, with pain management, interventions and a quick exit in case medical assistance is needed readily available. And although I agree that the emphasis should be on bringing Baby Earth's Side to perfect health, the narrative and countless examples of birthing in a (semi) medical environment, don't equal "giving birth = safe". Leaving many birthers with anxiety around the topic of giving birth. And we all know that anxiety in itself causes the body to tense up. Not exactly the perfect place to be when all you want is a dilated Cervix.

So, how is my course going to help you combat anxiety? How will it help you deepen the bond based on trust and love between your mind and body? How will it (re-)connect you with your potent birthing power?

  1. Birth Portal˚ Yoga Nidra: this will help you connect with your baby and prepare the fertile grounds of your subconsciousness for the positive outcome of your birth. Because you and your baby share 1 nervous system, this subconscious messaging will land well with baby too. The other benefit of this visualised meditation is that you will feel familiar with birth when the portal has arrived.
  2. DIY Body Work: Ayurveda is BIG on the art of self-massage. We will cover the marma points (energetic points on the skin that connect to your muscles, ligaments, organs and mind) that are related to Birth and find a technique to trigger these points that work well for you. This may be through massage, herbalised oil or paste, crystals, tuning fork or Ayurvedic moxibustion. Your partner can learn these techniques, too. Additionally, we will cover Yoni Massage and pick the suitable lubricant for your Dosha.
  3. Informed Self-Care: Decoding the body's messages and answering accordingly is the beating heart of Ayurveda. Daily self-enquiry will help you get closer to your wishes and needs. Getting into the habit of responding to them through self-care will benefit your birth portal and the many years that will follow as the parent to your child alike.

Examples of self-care:




Herbal Medicine

The Fourth Trimester

Third Installment | 3 x 30-minute recordings

+ bonus tutorial on belly wrapping

Ayurveda refers to the first 42 days after birth as "Body Time". Body Time, or Kayakalpa in Sanskrit, is derived from a regenerating series of treatments traditionally offered to the royalty to help them flow through significant transitions in their lives. In the Postpartum context, it secludes 6 weeks for bonding, nourishment, healing and ritual for a blessed start to your family's new chapter.

Explore all Postpartum Healing offerings:

Prepare for Postpartum Healing. As part of your course, you will receive:

Nutritional Guidelines to help your body gradually restore, replenish and regenerate whilst establishing a healthy milk flow

Breath work & Chants to help you reset your nervous system. The chanting is an amazing relaxing practice to do together with baby, especially when the lack of alone time challenges a meditation practice.

DIY Body Work & Belly Wrapping to help you release your birth body, boost your sense of self and ground the nervous system

If you want to explore more, you may want to opt-in for a lifestyle session focussed on nutrition, body work or herbal medicine so you can dive deeper into your healing tool of choice. These follow-up sessions are available at the discounted price of £89 for an intake + virtual follow-up for those that have taken this course. (normal price: £159 for a bundle).

What to expect from my guidance?

A playful, 100% personalised, holistic protocol that consists of herbal medicine, self-care rituals, nutrition idea's for you and your family, breath work, meditation and DIY bodywork for your Dosha. We will celebrate your choice to go down the self-loving, Ayurvedic route with two one-on-ones. After your quality time with me, you will get access to a set of recordings that matches your prenatal Dosha. This gives a one-of-a-kind personal twist to an otherwise generic prenatal, birth and postpartum protocol. If your baby stays snug in your womb beyond your due date, we will have another one-to-one, where we can further tailor your protocol to what you need.

To sum up, here's what is included with the Birthing with Ayurveda Course:

  • Time with Deborah Rose: 2 x private sessions in your third trimester allows me to personalise the course for you. There is an optional extra call if your pregnancy goes beyond 40 weeks.
  • A week-by-week, 100% personalised, plan to help you prepare for birth
  • Visualised Yoga Nidra for Birth
  • Belly Wrapping Tutorial
  • 4 hours personalised content: A set of recordings to match your constitution (Dosha), wishes and needs. The recordings take you through the 3rd trimester, birth and the first 42 days after birth.

Gift: A ceremonial grade Herbal Blend, handmade by me to match your Dosha

Book Course: £199

P.S. What is belly binding all about?

As an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, wrapping the belly’s of my beautiful clients in the first weeks after birth is key in grounding and healing. Apart from benefiting from the high amounts of relaxin that are still present in the birthers body, the wrap supports the abdominal organs, uterus, ligaments, spine and low back. The wrapping technique adjusts to your body as you move deeper into the 4th Trimester and is made of the highest quality, repurposed, breathable cotton, that was returned by designers (deadstock).

Free Introductory

Are you pulled towards Ayurveda, but need to answer some questions before choosing to include these luscious, holistic, ancient tools in your Birth Plan? There is so much out there, traditions may vary, and you haven't even met me yet!

It would be an honour for me to hear you out, and to explore together how Ayurveda can be of service to you. Schedule a free call with the button below.

About Me

Deborah Rose, Model and Advocate for Holistic Health & Natural Parenting.

I am a mother and Ayurvedic Women's Health Guide with a BIG passion for holistic Pregnancy & Postpartum wellbeing. The Self Healing Arts of Ayurveda are central in my work, which helps me guide you to your greatest inner wisdom and strength as a womban.

Any questions?

Prenatal Ayurveda

From Conception through Birth, Ayurveda is here to support you with holistic recipes, movements, journal practices, rituals and bodywork. Every step of the way. My sessions are designed to deliver these to you when you most need them, 1 step at a time.

My aim is to support you with all the good things Earth has to offer, as to bring you Bliss and as much Balance as humanly possible throughout your prenatal journey.

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