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Ayurvedic Women's Health Guide, Doula & Model

My Story

My Story

Born and bred in the woods of a small Dutch town, I was hungry to travel the world. My main goal was to make myself feel local in all global metropolitans. My career in the fashion industry as a Model handed me that opportunity.

After working for brands including Vogue, Louis Vuitton and Diesel,

I decided my next destination should be my own body.

I immersed in Ayurveda, a holistic mind-body system with roots in the Vedic Tradition, and have been in awe of the body's capabilities to heal itself when she works with Mother Earth since.

When I am not working on creative productions, you can find me in my Herbal Workshop, or my virtual practice It's Mother Earth where I specialise in natural solutions for Women's Health.


I joined the group Model Activists in 2018, where over 350 models join forces to target a variety of topics that are well overdue for change. In the past four years my focus has been on a sustainable mind-body relationship for Models, and as I became pregnant, continued to talk about Body Image for new mothers.

Image: Model Activist Interview with Common Sense Japan

Motherhood &

Womb Work

I made it my heart's project to advocate for a healthy, down-to-earth, mind-body relationship within the modelling industry by working with agents and their upcoming talent since 2017.

In my mentorship- and workshop sessions I shared the holistic mind-body practices of Ayurveda, a sister science to Yoga, that specializes in personalised self-care using herbs, nutrition, optimised routines and bodywork.

With the birth of Nova unravelled my second passion: sharing Ayurveda with those who want to conceive, are pregnant, birthing or in the postpartum phase of their lives.

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Credits // Giving Thanks

I thank my teachers Dr Vasant Lad, Dr KP Khalsa, Dr Marc Halpen, Mother Maya Tiwari, Terra Rafaël and the women of the Sacred Window Collective who educated me in the Light of the Maharishi Tradition as taught by Ysha Oaks. I continue to deepen my insights in continued education with NAMA.

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